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How to design Actions to produce the desired engagement?

Product design

After knowing about the Habit and the first step of the Hook model Trigger, the next step is the Action in the book Hooked by Nir Eyal. As we now know, a trigger (driven by internal or external cues) tells users what to do next; but if a user doesn’t take any action, the trigger […]


How do Triggers help to form the habit-forming products?

HABITS ARE NOT CREATED, THEY’RE BUILT UPON. This is the overview of the chapter-2 of the book, Hooked written by Nir Eyal. You can find the overview of the Chapter – 1 here. New habits need a foundation upon which to build. Triggers provide that base. Triggers take the form of obvious signals like the morning […]


Habits and products – a strong relationship

Entering Startup

Everyone is like discussing startup nowadays and want to start with their startup. Me too! So, as a startup lover and an intrapreneur, I started reading a book, Hooked written by Nir Eyal. Here I have drafted an overview of the chapter-1 in my words. It is more about how habits are important to the products. […]