Google’s “My Android” site suggests wallpapers, icons, launcher, widget and keyboard

#myAndroid Taste Test
Google has been promoting Android with a tagline – “Be together. Not the same”. They have come up with another online tool called “#myAndroid”. It suggests you various customization options based on your taste.
As Android is all about customization, the #myAndroid Taste Test site asks you a plenty of questions. Aha, you don’t have to type the answers. As it is by Google, you have got a bit different to answer. It will show you a set of pictures and ask you for your taste, you have to choose any one to answer. Based on your answers, it will suggest you what wallpapers you should have on your phone. It also tells where you can get these wallpapers. The similar way, it suggests you what icon-set you should apply to your phone and which launcher you should use. You will also get a suggestion on which widget and keyboard you should use on your Android phone. The best thing is, you won’t need to search for any apps to apply this customization. The site will give you a link to the app on the Google Play Store to download.

#myAndroid Wallpaper

As a result, the site will actually show you how your Android phone’s screen will look like after applying this customization. Isn’t it a cool?
So, this site is amazing for those who keep looking for a change on their Android phones. Take a look at the #myAndroid site and try it.
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