Hi, I am Gautam Lakum.

The Hook Me blog is about a few things our lives are hooked with. These few things are actually a lot of things, but this blog is mainly focused on the Tech and Startups. You will get to read related to the startups, products, web & mobile apps, how-tos, reviews, gadgets, productivity, apps development, etc. But, you will find a few posts which are not related to the tech and startups, but our lives are hooked with them one or the other way.

About me,

I have been in the web and mobile apps development since 2009. So far, I have got a chance to work on many web & mobile app products. I have worked under good leadership and different people which have helped me to grow in different aspects.Gautam Lakum

I started my career at Multidots as a junior web developer. Now, I work as a Project Coordinator for mobile apps in the same company. Yes! I switched from the web platform to the mobile platform 4 years ago. The smartphones and mobile apps attracted me and drove my mind to them. The reason is, I saw a lot of possibilities through the mobile apps which add an ease to the people’s life. Many daily tasks are a few taps away for the people if they have a smartphone. Amazing!

At Multidots, I represented myself as a junior developer, senior developer, project lead, team lead and project coordinator. So, I have grown professionally here at the Multidots. During this journey, I get a chance to work on more than 8 web/mobile app products. I worked closely with the development teams and the product owners. This has got me a good experience and learnings related to the products, startups, and team leading. That is what I will be sharing through this blog along with the other interesting content.

I personally love startups, reading, gadgets, sports, photography and traveling. In the night hours, I work on EyeLocal which is my startup at the idea stage. These night hours have helped my wife to build a wallpapers app 1Wall – Wallpapers which is live on the Google Play Store. The posts you read on this blog are also written in these night hours.

Now, I think I should stop writing about me! 😉

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